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Kamut Pasta with Spinach & Tomato October 31 2014

A Healthier Pasta - Kamut Be? I love pasta. It’s my ultimate comfort food, and I could probably eat it for every meal. There are so many different ways to enjoy it! It can be varied to feature seasonal items. It can be served hot, with a nice sauce, or cold in a pasta salad. It’s perfection when it’s done traditional Italian style like marinara, bolognese, pesto, alfredo, primavera, lasagna,... Read More

Cocktails - Italian Style. June 25 2014

ModernHostess@BottegaNicastro Have a cocktail… it’s 5:00 somewhere! Now that it’s summer (finally!), I’m definitely enjoying the warm weather, long sunny days, and endless possibilities of outdoor fun! And everyone knows that when you’re active, you need to stay hydrated… So let’s talk about summer cocktails! To be honest, I’m a wine drinker. I love a nice, cold glass of Pinot Grigio… so crisp and refreshing. But every now and then,... Read More

Glamming It Up (and eating) For a Good Cause December 08 2013

Most of you already know me as a food blogger that is passionate about the wonderful Italian goods at La Bottega. What you probably don't know is that much of my creative energy is also devoted to working with children. As a child and family therapist at a non-profit agency, there is nothing more rewarding to me than having a positive impact on a child's life. When the opportunity to... Read More

Nuts for Nutella September 05 2013

  Mmm Nutella. Gooey chocolate hazelnut deliciousness. I've loved you ever since my first bite of you, in a sandwich. Since then, I've had Nutella lots of other ways: melted and drizzled on fruit or ice cream, in a dessert quesadilla with peanut butter, and yes, straight out of the jar on a spoon (but only after a really bad day). Why are you soooo good?? Nutella is manufactured by... Read More

Chicken Soup: Thinking Beyond the Noodle April 12 2013

  Who doesn’t love chicken noodle soup? It’s reliable, it’s cozy, it’s delicious... however, it’s also a little tiny bit ho-hum. Been there, done that (like a million times). Chicken broth has a fairly mild flavour so I like to jazz it up whenever I have the chance. And if jazzing up chicken noodle soup is wrong, then I sure don’t want to be right.   One of my favourite... Read More

Take Comfort in Spaghetti... Minus the Spaghetti January 11 2013

Now that the winter season is upon us, I am craving warm, comforting foods that are satisfying, yet easy on the waistline. What could be more perfect than a delicious homemade marinara sauce? And in an effort to keep things light, and for all the gluten-intolerants out there, how about some calorie and carb-friendly spaghetti squash? Sounds good to me! Marinara sauce is a rare exception to the fat equals... Read More

A Holiday Dessert Favourite... With a Twist December 07 2012

Let us eat, drink, and... eat some more. Everyone loves to eat at holiday time. Maybe we’re trying to feel warm inside, maybe eating is what we do when we get together as a family... maybe we’re just out of ideas for other things to do. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that eating is something you’ll be doing a lot of over the next little while. Let’s make... Read More

A Cup of Moka: Not Your Average Joe October 29 2012

I remember the first time I tasted coffee. I thought it was pretty gross, but I didn’t want my mother to know. She had told me that I wouldn’t like it and I just couldn’t stand for her to be right (again). So I added tons of milk, sugar and cinnamon and pretended that it wasn’t the most bitter thing I had ever tasted. After that, for some reason I... Read More

Balsamic Vinegar: I’ll Never Get Sick of Her... July 04 2012

I adore balsamic vinegar. Sometimes I feel bad for the other vinegars because they don’t get nearly as much attention. I just love its tangy, pungent sweetness, and I use it in so many different ways- in marinades for meat, vegetables, or fish, reduced into a syrup and poured over ice cream, or my favourite way- splashed on top of fresh strawberries. Vinegar is an acidic liquid made from fermented... Read More

Butta la pasta... June 01 2012

Sure, there’s pasta... we all know it and love it. A celebrated comfort food, pasta can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, all delicious. But as I recently discovered, not all pasta are created equal. Allow me to share my newfound knowledge. When pasta is produced in mass quantities, its texture is smooth, which one might think would be a good thing...but it’s actually not. When the pasta surface... Read More

Fall In Love With An Extra Virgin Olive Oil... April 20 2012

I would designate olive oil as one of the best all-around cooking staples to have on hand. It’s delicious, fruity flavour is the perfect complement to a variety of dishes, and its health benefits (full of the good kind of fat, monounsaturated, which is linked to heart health; packed with antioxidants that are thought to prevent cancer) are pretty awesome too. Most people know that extra-virgin is the highest possible... Read More